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Monday, 25 April 2016


As per the Symantec Antivirus deployment procedure, Symantec AV GUP (Group Update Provider) has to be configured and updated in locations where System count is more than 10 to minimize the High bandwidth utilization by AV definition updates. But it is seen that in some locations GUP is not configured/updated. 
Hence it is requested to kindly issue suitable instructions to all the System Administrators and Divisional Heads concerned for immediate configuration/updation of GUP for saving & optimum utilization of BANDWIDTH, which will result in better connectivity speeds in the locations. 
In case of any issues, separate tickets may be raised with TCS for each location. The email ID for raising tickets with TCS, in case of any issues in updation: 

Column 'J' of the attached file may be referred to and basic troubleshooting like low disk space, connectivity etc..may be done for the GUP system entries "#NA" against definition version and tickets may be raised with TCS in case of any issues.

Check list to update the GUP Server / Desktop 

  1. If your office is having system count 10 and above,
  2. Know the registered GUP server and its IP address of your office.
  3. If not registered, share the IP address of latest new system to TCS ( for registering it as GUP through concerned Division/Region.
  4. Ensure that the identified GUP Server is kept ON for 24x7. Since other systems are depending on this GUP system for Antivirus updates, do not shutdown GUP system.
  5. Daily check the status of your GUP server as below –
  6. Click on Symantec Icon, i.e present on right corner of task bar. 
  7. Symantec window will open and see the status –
  8. If the status is in green and having message “ Your Computer is Protected “ – means that the GUP server is running ok.
  9. If the status is not in green, then there will be some issue which needs your immediate attention as below -
  10. Click on HELP button provided at the top right hand corner of Symantec window.
  11. Click on Troubleshooting Option. 
  12. Management window will open after clicking on Troubleshooting option, See the status of server in this window.
  13. If in front of server, Offline is written it means there is no connectivity between management server and the GUPmachine. But if some particular I.P address is written in front of server, it means Client machine is connected with the server. 
  14. In case of Offline status Please use the below link to reconnect with the server. 

Please download the above zip file, extract it and Double click on SylinkDrop.exe The connection will be re-established.


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