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Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Consequent on release of Meghdoot Update 7.9.3 on 09.10.2015, the following new requirements/ orders have been issued by the Directorate.
1) PA Wing, Directorate letter F.No. PA Book I/ST VOL VI/2015-16/D-4460 TO 4510 dated 09.11.2015 communicating the Service Tax Notification for introduction of Swachh Bharat Cess @ 0.5 % wherever Service Tax is applicable w.e.f. 15.11.2015.

2) Directorate of PLI letter No.29-9/2013-LI dated 16.11.2015 communicating the Swachh Bharat Cess applicable on PLI/RPLI Premia @ 3.62 % [Service Tax 3.5% and SBC 0.12%] on First Year Premia and @ 1.81 % [Service Tax 1.75% and SBC 0.06%] on Renewal Premia collected.

3) Directorate, New Delhi letter No.1-20/2014-15/T&C dated 26.11.2015 communicating the Gazette Notification for revision of foreign postage rates on letter post items w.e.f. 1.12.2015.

In addition to the above major requirements, many other minor modifications/improvements have been done and hence this release. Complete list of enhancements/modifications in each module are furnished in Section 5 of this document.

Meghdoot Update 7.9.3 released on 09.10.2015. 

Meghdoot Version 7.9.4  released on 17.12.15 Download

This Update contains the following applications:

1 ePayment
2 Point of Sale 
3 Treasury
4 Sub Accounts
5 BNPL-Parcel 
6 Accounts
7 Accounts PBS
8 MO Compilation


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