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Sunday, 28 September 2014



1. Access Your Folders From Taskbar

Accessing folders from taskbar saves a lot of time as we don’t have to open the windows explorer window and browse to the required folder through along path.
a). Right click an empty spot on your taskbar between start button and system tray.
b) Click Toolbars and then choose the “New Toolbar” option from it.

c) Then a small window will open which allows you to choose the folder that you wish to make a toolbar.

2. Save Main Memory Of Your Pc

Saving main memory will definitely speed up your PC to some extent. When you run any applicationon your PC,  xp stores files known as DLLs in memory and even if you close the program, xp will leave it there for later use which slows down your PC. Here’s a registry fix for this problem

a). Go to start and open run, type regedit and enter  to open registry settings.

b).When regedit is opened browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrent Version.

c). Select the explorer folder.

d). Now click Edit->New->DWORD value and name it AlwaysUnloadDll, press enter.

e).Now double click it and assign it a value of 1.

Exit regedit and reboot.

3. Speed Up Opening Start Menu

a). Go to start and open run, type regedit and enter  to open registry settings.

b). When regedit is opened browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop and select Desktop.

c). Now find the key MenuShowDelay, change its value to 150 whose earlier value would most probably be 400.
Exit regedit and reboot.

4. Change The Default Location Of My Documents

Many people have a habit of dropping items into My Documents from the desktop. But when they re-install windows they generally forget to copy data from My Documents and as a result they loose all the data. Here’s a simple way to change My Documents default location.

a). Right click on my documents and click on properties.

b). Click on move and a dialog box will open which will ask for the new destination of My Documents.

Choose the new destination and click OK.

5. Make Your Drives Invisible

Well this one can be used as a prank on your friends’ PC. With this trick you will be able to disable the display of drives when you click on my computer.

a). Go to start and open run, type regedit and enter  to open registry settings.

b). When regedit is opened browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer select explorer.

c).Now click Edit->New->DWORD value and name it as NoDrives and press enter.

d).Now double click it and enter the decimal number corresponding to the drive(s) you want to hide as listed in the table below, but don’t forget to choose decimal value after double clicking NoDrives.

Drive Number to hide
A: 1
B: 2
C: 4
D: 8
E: 16
F: 32
G: 64
H: 128
I: 256
J: 512
K: 1024
L: 2048
M: 4096
N: 8192
O: 16384
P: 32768
Q: 65536
R: 131072
S: 262144
T: 524288
U: 1048576
V: 2097152
W: 4194304
X: 8388608
Y: 16777216
Z: 33554432
All drives 67108863

If you want to hide more than one drive than simply add the decimal values of both. For example if you want to hide c drive and drive then add 4 and 8 i.e. you will have to  enter 12. You will have to reboot your pc to see the changes. To show the drive again simply delete NoDrives.

6. Sort Start Menu Alphabetically

This tweak will help you to find your programs easily in start menu as they will be sorted by name. It is extremely useful for the users who have lots and lots of programs installed.

a). Go to start and open run, type regedit and enter  to open registry settings.

b). When regedit is opened browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerMenuOrder select MenuOrder

c). Delete the MenuOrder key, and close the Registry Editor.

Now all the folders in the start menu will be sorted.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Bonus Order Issued by Dte ( DOP)


DA Order issued by (DOP) - 107% from 01/07/2014


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sify Network Complaint Registration Process


Go To The URL :

( Note : This URL Only Accessable In Sify Network )

Now You Will See Below Login Screen :

Type User Name ( You Can Find it On Rack or UAT Documents )
       i.e. WEGXXXXX
( Note : "X" Denotes Numeric Figures )

Now Type Password : dop@123

Now You Will See Below Screen After Successful Login :

Now You Are Able To Log Complaint and you Can See Current Status & Process Of Your Complaint

Addition to this- offices can use 

Toll free No. 1860-345-8888
email –

Monday, 8 September 2014



Download CleanWipe Utility

CleanWipe is a tool that you can use to prepare or clean any supported Windows computer before you install Symantec Endpoint Protection. It is a self-extracting executable that unzips its batch files, utility programs, and data files to the Windows\Temp folder by default. 
The password for this self-extracting executable is "symantec" (no quotes, all lower case). 
 Use CleanWipe with caution. You should use CleanWipe as a last resort after all other means to prepare or clean a computer for Symantec Endpoint Protection installation have failed. 

Download CleanWipe

Running CleanWipe 

1. Copy the CleanWipe folder to the target computer.

2. Open the CleanWipe folder and double-click the CleanWipe.exe file.

3. When you are prompted, browse to a location where you want the files to be copied and then click Start to extract the files.  

If you click Start without selecting a location, the files are extracted to the Windows\Temp folder.

4. When you are asked if you want to run CleanWipe now, click Yes to run CleanWipe immediately; click no to run CleanWipe later. 

5. As you run CleanWipe, you are prompted several times. It is recommended that you click Yes in response to all prompts.  


Norton™ Power Eraser

Eliminates deeply embedded and difficult to remove crime-ware that traditional virus scanning doesn't always detect.


Download Instructions:

  1. Click Download Norton Power Eraser, above.
  2. On the File Download dialog, click Save.
  3. Select the location to where you want the file saved, and click Save.