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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Short Notes Of AV Roll Out Prepared By PoTools


Short Notes Of AV Roll Out Prepared By PoTools

  • Download Anti Virus provided by TCS
  • Disable LAN to Prevent from Network Viruses.(It may be from SIFY router)
  • Uninstall Older version of Symantec / other Security Software.
  • If any Issues with Remove Older Security Software use one of the below Tool
Clean wipe for Symantec
Uninstall Norton Product

Uninstall Security Application
Restart your Machine and delete installation folder of older version.
  • Install latest version Symantec which is provided by TCS
  • It is a Silent Installation, wait until successful message.
  • Restart your machine to fix Antivirus updation and Start services.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Many members and track in viewers are making inquiry about enhancement of various allowances by 25% when DA reached to 100%. It was told that few DDOs are waiting  for orders from higher ups to draw the revised allowances. It is to inform to all that DOP vide memo No. 5-06/2011-PAP dated 24/1/2012 has already clarified that there is no further confirmation/clarification required to enhance allowances by 25% when DA goes up by 50%. 

To view the copy of DOP letter dated 24/1/2012, please CLICK HERE. 


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Introduction of combined Money Order Form


Introduction of combined Money Order Form 

Also down the MO Combined form from the lable HO Forms & SO Forms

Saturday, 12 July 2014

RH to be observed on the occasion of Mahashivrashtri on17 th Feb 2015


PLI- To become the first choice insurer in India.


PLI- To become the first choice insurer in India.

e-Postal Life Insurance Some of the key process changes that will take place are mentioned below:

 Policy service requests can now be submitted through multiple channels like online, Post Office, CPCs and customer call center  Every Head Office will have an attached Circle Processing Center. (CPCs) wherein all types of functions relating to servicing of policies will take place. Around 809 Central Processing Centers (CPCs) would be set up.

 Introduction of a system which will help in identifying potential customers.  Introduction of a system which will help in managing all the agents like disbursement of their commissions, performance tracking etc.  Hand held device will be an interaction channel for customers for transactions such as payment of premiums, query, grievance, policy service request, request for an agent etc. Any type of customer related query can be resolved by calling at the call center 
 PLI/RPLI implementation seeks to meet the following objectives:  Become the first choice insurer for all the eligible customers in the country  Develop a fully integrated life insurance platform to enable efficient and cost effective service to existing and new customers  Enhanced quality of service being offered to the customers  Provide Insurance cover to large rural population, while minimizing the cost of operations

PLI/RPLI will provide the following benefits:  Enable DoP employees to do all work relating to PLI/ RPLI like ‐ issue of policy documents, collection of premium, disbursement of loan, payment of claims etc. through one integrated software.  Process streamlining and faster application processing will increase efficiency in operations.  Provide robust data driven decision making, as MIS can be extracted from anywhere Better customer service / Lesser grievance. Automated claims management and renewal notices  Better manpower utilization.  Employees satisfaction due to simpler and automated processes
For further details visit:

Email us

PLI / RPLI Financial Powers.

After the implementation of PLI/RPLI Central Processing Centres to decentralize the work from CO/DO to Head Office level, the financial powers for accepting the proposal, maturity claim and death claim has been revised. Following are the revised financial powers.

Limits for acceptance of new proposals and settlement of maturity, survival benefit claims by different authorities:

1. Postmaster of CPC of HOs headed by Sr. Postmaster/ Head Postmaster - upto Rs 5 lakhs of Sum Assured.

2. Director of CPC of New Delhi HOI Kolkata GPO/ Mumbai GPO and Postmaster of CPC of GPOs headed by Chief Postmaster - upto Rs 10 lakhs of Sum Assured.

3. Head of Division - above Rs 5 lakhs of Sum Assured and upto Rs 10 lakhs of Sum Assured.

4. Postmaster General of the Regional Office/ Circle Office - above Rs 10 lakhs of Sum Assured.

Limits for settlement of death claims by different authorities:

1. Postmaster of CPC of HOs headed by Sr. Postmaster/ Head Postmaster - up to Rs. 2 lakhs of Sum Assured.

2. Director of CPC of New Delhi HO/ Kolkata GPO/ Mumbai GPO and Postmaster of CPC of GPOs headed by Chief Postmaster - upto Rs 10 lakhs of Sum Assured.

3. Head of Division - above Rs 2 lakhs of Sum Assured and upto Rs 10 lakhs of Sum Assured.

4. Postmaster General of the Regional Office/ Circle Office - above Rs 10 lakhs of Sum Assured.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Message of Secretary (Posts) for the staff and officers of the Department over the IT Project.

Dear colleagues,

It gives me immense pleasure to update you about the ambitious IT Modernization project of the Department of Posts. As you know, with this project we have embarked upon a transformational journey. I take this opportunity to congratulate and thank each one of you for your dedication and hard work to bring about this historic transformation.

At this point in time, we have already networked close to 23,000 locations, making our the largest WAN in the country. Implementation of our Core Banking System and PLI solutions have attained a critical mass, which will enable us to undertake performance testing & certification before further roll outs. Core SI solutions relating to Mail Operations, Human Resources and F&A are in the UAT stage; and we are nearing identification of a vendor for the Rural Hardware program to support the modernization of our rural post offices.

Implementation of the CBS and Core-PLI solutions has been gradual by design so that we can pinpoint errors/ defects in the solutions and address them appropriately, before graduating to an exponential roll-out phase. As expected, officers and staff are facing some challenges during the initial implementation phase. While we continue to strengthen the solutions based on these valuable experiences, the extra mile that you all have traversed in order to manage these challenges is commendable.

As the implementation gathers steam, I would request each one of you to keep up the energy & commitment you have demonstrated so far. We will make sure that the required technical and administrative support for success is made available.

The primary objective of the IT modernization project has been to enhance customer, satisfaction through better service delivery. The project will enhance the Post Offices capabilities, and enable it to deliver more efficient services, and more add-on services & products. Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has also urged the Department to fast-track the IT-modernization project and improve the quality of service. Thus, being sensitive and responsive to the customer is the need of the hour.

You will agree that it is a matter of great pride for each one of us to be associated with this huge transformational project. We must now work hand in hand to make this historical transformation happen quickly.

Together we can, and we will do it!!

Kavery Banerjee
Secretary (Posts)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Postal Life Insurance to Sell Policies Online


Postal Services Board member (PLI) Anjali Devasher presenting postal life insurance award to Maj. R Subramani in Hyderabad on Thursday. Chief postmaster-general BV Sudhakar in the middle. | A SURESH KUMAR
HYDERABAD: Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance(RPLI) will soon allow its users to purchase and view policies status online and even pay the premium.
Completing 130 years, Postal Life Insurance, the oldest Life Insurance scheme in the country, is all set to roll out Core Insurance Solutions (CIS) across all its 812 head post offices/CPCs and sub post offices as its second phase of technology upgradation, said Faiz-ur-Rahman, chief general manager, PLI. The CIS is set to be fully operational in the next six months and has been operating in over 100 head post offices across the country as a pilot project.
During an interaction in the backdrop of an award ceremony to felicitate the outstanding business performers in PLI and RPLI, the CGM said that they have set a target premium of `9,500 crore to be raised in 2014-15. It had raised `7,500 crore in 2013-14 and `5,200 crore in 2012-13. ‘’We are unique in the sense that we assure highest return from our products. When no other company has declared any bonus, we have and we can,’’ he said. Speaking about the scenario in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, BV Sudhakar, chief post master general, AP circle, stated that the circle has set a target Rs 700 crore premium to be raised in 2014-15.
‘’PLI for us means prosperity, longevity and integrity. When the industry is growing at about 16 per cent, we in AP circle are growing at 25 to 30 percent,” he said. 
Further, explaining how PLI is able to offer highest returns with lowest premiums, he said that since the sale, service and redressal of complaints are all done through the network of department of posts, the operation costs remain very low compared to other insurance providers, and the surplus thus generated is passed on to insurants in the form of higher bonus. 
At present, the number of live policies in PLI and Rural PLI is almost 28 million. The corpus size is nearly `50,000 crore and the total sum assured for all policies put together come to `1.99 lakh crore, he said.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pimpalgaon Baswant SO-422209 (Malegaon Dn) Maharashtra Circle sucessfully migrated to CBS Go-live on 12/06/2014


The Pimpalgoan Baswant SO -422209 (Malegaon Dn) Maharashtra Circle  successfully migrated to CBS Go-live on 12/06/2014.

The following members attended the programme.

1.Shri.B.V.Chavan (ASP Sub Dn),Malegaon Dn.
2.Shri.V.T.Nikam (IP) Chandwad
3.Shri.S.S.Dandgaval (SPM) Pimpalgaon B
4.Shri.Rajan Lingayat (Project Executive , NISG)
5.Shri.J.S.More (System Admin)Malegaon
6.Shri.Nitin Waghale (System Admin) Malegaon